Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Birthday giveaway!

Today is a big day for us. It is the first birthday of our shop today.

Yes, only one year, but it was very interesting and saturated time. 311 customers from 22 countries received amazing Czech glass beads directly from the Czech Republic! It’s a pleasure and honour for us to provide you with high quality products and services.

On the occasion of our birthday we have prepared gifts for you. We would like to offer you gift card giveaway! Gift cards are in three face values: $50, $40 and $30. They are valid for one year.

Interesting? :) Read, how to enter!

1) Write a post in your blog about Czech beads. Explain, why you like Czech glass beads, what kind of shapes and colors of Czech glass beads you prefer or tell interesting story about your experience with Czech glass beads.

2) Post some information about this giveaway in your entry and link to The Best Beads Shop.

3) Leave here a comment containing your name, email and link to your entry about Czech glass beads.
If you have several blogs, you can publish post about Czech glass beads with link to our shop in each of it. Then leave information with links to all your entries in comment section. It will increase your chances to win!

ATTENTION! Incomplete entries will not be included in the giveaway.

Facebook users also can increase their chances to win. Like our page on Facebook and share post about giveaway.

Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, May 8th.

Start is today. Good luck!

Monday, April 29, 2013

April Cabochon by Cyndi

We are happy to represent you new project by our friend Cyndi! Amazing beaded cabochon, the fhird one with 14x15mm black pentagon with AB spots. Cyndi, thank you for inspiration!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aegean Seas

Here you can find beading tutorial from my friend Cyndi. She uses 6 mm aquamarine rounds and 12x7 mm blue leaves with white lines. This necklace is so beautiful!

Floral bracelet

You'll know from this tutorail, how to create floral bracelet with TWIN seed beads.

Picture with tutorial has a big size (1440px x 1018px). So, you can find it under the cut.

Sewn seed beads bracelet

Another one project from Preciosa Ornela designers. Another one beautiful bracelet with TWIN seed beads :)

Picture with tutorial has a big size (1440px x 1018px). So, you can find it under the cut.

A gift for Victoria

I've decided to start with tutorials from Preciosa Ornela. Our followers at Facebook have already seen these tutorials. I duplicate projects for our new readers.

The first one is "A gift for Victoria" project. Gorgeous necklace and bracelet using TWIN hole seed beads.

Picture with tutorial has a big size (1440px x 1018px). So, you can find it under the cut.



my name is Ekaterina. My sister Anna and I are owners of The Best Beads Shop. We are located in the Czech Republic. We specialize in traditional Czech glass beads. There are a lot of shapes and colors of glass beads in the Czech Republic. They are made in different techniques such as lampwork, fire polished, pressed, table cut and seed beads.

We have Facebook page, where you can find interesting photos of beads and jewellery. Now we have blog at Blogger :) Here I'm going to inform you about new items at our shop, share tutorials and photos from our customers, who make their products of our beads, publish images from manufacturers. Also you always can ask questions about our goods and services.

Let's start without a peep!