Friday, May 17, 2013

Few words about handmade buttons

Modern technologies change the world. It concerns beads manufactory too. A lot of goods are made by unmanned units, that’s why handmade products are valuable. Fortunately traditions of handcrafts are still alive in small Czech city Jablonec nad Nisou.

We visited master, who makes glass buttons by manual pressing. It is pretty hard work, requiring physical strength. Furthermore the whole process of production deals with high temperatures that master has to endure.

First of all, he chooses a glass rod:

Glass rod is heated to a high temperature, from 900 to 1500 degrees Celsius (temperature depends on glass color).

Then it is pressed by a mold.

Master has a great number of molds – different patterns and sizes.

Buttons after pressing:

They get cold slowly during a few days. After that they are sent to manual polishing and painting.

So, glass buttons from the Czech Republic are unique handmade product.

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