Friday, June 14, 2013

My first personal beading experience

Although I have bead store, I'm not a jewellery maker. My favourite hobby is cross stitching. In spite of that I can do simple earnings and bracelets. That week I decided to try myself at beading. I was inspired by this tutorial by Preciosa.

I used twins and 9/0 rocaille for flowers and I placed 4mm fire polished rounds in the middle.

I followed the instruction and made nine flowers, but it's not enough. I found out it, when I finished beadind :) It is a good lesson for me - don't trust any instructions! :) Anyway, I finished bracelet and made earnings in the same technique.

But I wasn't satisfied with my work, that's why I began to bead new bracelet in violet and white colors. That time I made ten flowers. Surely, ten is not so good for ornament as nine does, but size is more important in this case. I think, this bracelet is cute :) I really love it :)

Of course, I made earnings in these colors too. Now I have jewelery set, the first beading set I've made by myself :)

And now, when I look at my handicrafts, I think, that I have new hobby... :)