Sunday, October 13, 2013

Beaded tutorial: bracelet "Strawberry with cream"

I promised to translate one tutorial almost three months ago. Finally I have enough time to do it :)

Original tutorial is written by Elena Vasianovich (Елена Васянович) from Ukraine. You can find original text here: The piece of summer.

Bracelet "Strawberry with cream"

- red and white 10/0 rocaille seed beads;
- nylon thread 0.17-0.2mm;
- clasp (nor required).

You can make beaded bracelet without clasps, because final rope can be stretched.

String 4 red beads, pass the thread through the first bead once again and tie the strung seed beads into a circle. You'll get a cross (1st, 2nd, 3d and 4th beads on a picture). Than string 2 white, 1 red, 2 white and 4 red beads. Make a cross from the last 4 red beads. Go on with this process until you get 4 crosses with 5 beads between each of them (look at the picture).

(Beads marked with green points are used in the second row as single red beads in the first row. Beads marked with yellow points are used as a fourth beads for cross in the last row).

String 2 white beads after the 4th cross and pass thread through red bead, which is marked with green point and has number 3:

Go on with the pattern: 2 white beads, 4 red beads, make a cross, 2 white beads, pass through red bead from the previous row, 2 white beads, 4 red beads, make a cross...

Go on as long as you get necessery lenght. Now you have to connect both ends of the rope. You should have enough crosses in the last row to connect the last one with the second cross from the first row. If you miss one or two crosses, you'll see that the rope will be distorted.

String 2 white beads, 2 red beads and pass through the red one from the first row (it was marked with yellow on the first picture), than string 1 red bead and make a cross. Go on with 2 white beads and red beads from the last row, which is the upper bead in the cross. Repeat the process till you reach the first bead in your rope (you can see it on the first picture).

Of course you can make this bracelet using other color combination.

I'll publish the second part of tutorial (bracelet "Camomile field") in a few days.

Happy beading!

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  1. Thank you for your translation of the strawberries and cream bracelet. It is a far better version than google translate. Did you ever publish a translation of the Camomile Field bracelet? In particular, what are the instructions regarding the yellow bead?