Sunday, August 10, 2014

Neon Pendant Tutorial

You will need:
7/0 neon matt pink rocaille
7/0 neon matt green rocaille
11/0 black rocaille
8/0 black or jet rocaille
15x9 black daggers
6 yards of beading thread

1. On 2 yards of thread, string four 11/o seed beads, then add one 11/o, one 8/o, one green 7/o, one 8/o and one 11/o. (This 5 bead pattern will repeat for the remainder of the rope.) Stitch up through the first 4 beads added and pull snug.

2. Pick up one 11/o bead and the 5 bead pattern. Stitch up through the four core beads again and pull snug. Stitch up through the first 11/o bead added in this step.

3. Pick up one 11/o and the 5 bead pattern. Stitch up through the top four beads in the core section. Pull snug and stitch up through the first 11/o added.

4. Repeat step 3 to form a spiral rope that is just long enough for the ends to meet and form a ring about 2 inches in diameter. Stitch the ends together by passing up through the first 4 core beads and pull tight. Zip up the ring by adding more 5 bead stitches to complete the spiral until all of the core beads are covered and the spirals meet. Weave in any remaining thread and trim.

5. Use ladder stitch to create a 2 by 4 bead strip of 8/o seed beads. Stitch the first and last stacks together securely and exit from the bottom, or tail side, of the beadwork.

6. Pick up a repeating pattern of pink 7/o and black 8/o beads to make a strand 2-4 inches long. Pick up six 11/o, one dagger, and six 11/o. Stitch back up through the pink and black strand and the bead ladder. Pull snug.

7. Stitch down through the next stack of the ladder and add another fringe. Repeat to make 4 fringes in total, and exit from the top of the bead ladder.

8. Pick up one pink 7/o and twenty five 11/o. Pass through the center of the spiral ring, and stitch back through the pink bead, and into the opposite side of the ladder. Weave in any remaining thread, passing through the loop and securing the base 7/o bead to the ladder. Secure the thread with a half hitch knot in one of the fringe strands and trim.

9. Repeat steps 5-8 to form a second fringe tassel. String pendant as desired for a fun necklace.

 Tutorial is provided by Mortira Natasha vanPelt

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